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A complete
autonomy kit for your robot

Using Edge AI and computer vision techniques, our system is able to observe, understand and navigate any environment.

Literally a One
Fits All Solution

Whether they have to clean the floor in supermarkets, record the inventory in warehouses, handle materials on a factory floor or deliver parcels on university campuses, all mobile ground platforms can benefit from our autonomy solution.


Product Structure

Each component of our product depends on its previous layer and takes the robot one step further on the path to true autonomy.


Alphasense Autonomy

Alphasense Autonomy uses the localization results from Alphasense Position to safely navigate the robot to a goal and avoid obstacles.


Alphasense Position

Alphasense Position uses the input data from the Alphasense Core to tell the robot exactly where it is.


Alphasense Core

Alphasense Core is a pioneering multi-camera sensor that provides high-quality data which is essential for the next two layers.

Our products

Alphasense Core

Available Now

In order to guarantee the best possible performance of the Alphasense Position and Autonomy we designed Alphasense Core, a state-of-the-art visual-inertial sensor providing spatial awareness with its 360° view.


Maximum Number of

1 ms


74.4 dB

Dynamic Range


Horizontal Field of View

Industry Grade

Our state-of-the-art design process, selection of high quality components and in-depth testing are key factors for reliable operation in tough conditions.


For a seamless integration of Alphasense Core into various mobile platforms, flexible placement of the cameras is enabled with cables up to 4 meters long.

Signal Processing

High performance 6-axis MEMS IMU with
excellent noise rejection characteristics and
ultra-low drift.


Up to 8 monochrome, large dynamic
range, global shutter cameras with 0.4 or 1.6
MPix resolution, up to 30 fps.


Gigabit Ethernet including C++ API and ROS drivers.

Alphasense Core Development Kit

Alphasense Core is also available as a 5-camera Development Kit with a rigid aluminium or nylon frame. The device comes fully calibrated and is immediately ready to use on your robot!

Alphasense COREAvailable Now

Get a 360° view for your Robots

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Our Products

Alphasense Position

Coming Soon

Precise and reliable positioning is a must for powerful autonomy. We make it possible by fusing our data from multiple sensors with sophisticated Edge AI algorithms. This allows us to enable robots to accurately map the environment and reliably localize within, both indoors and outdoors.

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Sevensense - Localization Unit

Lifelong localization

Based on our Edge AI algorithms, learning the environment and detecting changes means the performance gets better and better over time.

Wide-range of environments

The solution operates both indoors and outdoors, independent the weather or lighting.

Fleet management and multi-robot scenarios

The maps we build can be shared across multiple robots, allowing for collaboration and seamless map updates whenever the environment changes.


Our system delivers centimeter-level positioning accuracy with excellent robustness, even in crowded areas.


Give your robots spatial awareness

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Our Products

Alphasense Autonomy

Coming Soon

Autonomous robots need to prevent collisions against static structures as well as unexpected obstacles, such as humans or mobile machines. Hence, our navigation solution enables advanced motion capabilities to seamlessly avoid any obstructions.

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Sevensense - Navigation Unit

Cutting-edge obstacle avoidance technology

Our modern algorithms enable intelligent local rerouting when the path appears to be blocked.

Human-friendly navigation in dynamic places

Safety around humans and dynamic obstacles is a key focus. We aim to bring mobile robots to crowded areas, such as busy streets, stores, airports or railway stations.

Advanced perception of the local environment

The Navigation Unit relies on adding diverse sensors to perceive and understand what is located around the robot in order to plan accordingly. It also detects moving obstacles and adopts prediction algorithms to prevent future collisions.

Smart motions for all-round operations

Following a predefined path or reaching a goal position is possible with Alphasense Autonomy.

Alphasense AUTONOMYComing Soon

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