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Sevensense empowers mobile
robots to move into crowded and fast-changing spaces and enables them to support humans.

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We make your robot sense

Sensing the environment is the core of autonomy. We build the eyes of the robots to ensure reliable perception.

We make your robot think

Data is nothing without powerful algorithms to interpret it. We develop the brain of the robot to bring AI to the edge.

We make your robot move

If you understand the environment then you can move through it. The purpose of autonomy is to make your robot navigate swiftly and reach its goal.

How do we make
a difference?

We love both robots and humans, together

Our robots work with humans by design, are able to predict their actions and react accordingly to guarantee safe interactions.

Indoors or outdoors - that’s not a question

When we navigate either indoor or outdoor spaces we never lose track of where we are, ensuring a new level of versatility for robots.

No matter how hard the mission is, we succeed

While current robots struggle to handle crowded and fast-changing environments, we always find a path to the goal - and never fail the mission.


Product Structure

Each component of our product depends on its previous layer and takes the robot one step further on the path to true autonomy.


Alphasense Core

Alphasense Core is a pioneering multi-camera sensor that provides high-quality data which is essential for the next two layers.


Alphasense Position

Alphasense Position uses the input data from the Alphasense Core to tell the robot exactly where it is.


Alphasense Autonomy

Alphasense Autonomy uses the localization results from Alphasense Position to safely navigate the robot to a goal and avoid obstacles

A 4-Step Journey

From your Idea
to your Robot

Our Solutions
Robust and Reliable


Our Technology
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Meet Dina, our Robotics Engineer!

Dina joined Sevensense in August 2019 after she completed her PhD in Robotics at the University of Girona in Spain. Now, she is a valued engineer and member of the Planning & Control Team, where she takes care of one of the most challenging tasks at Sevensense: Ensuring that our robots can move and avoid obstacles!

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