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Meet Sebastian, our Computer Vision Engineer!

Sebastian joined Sevensense in 2019, after completing his Master's degree in mechanical engineering at ETH Zurich. With his experience in engineering and programming, he knows how to come up with the best algorithms for our robots. He is a valued member of the Localization Team, where he helps our robots with one of their most important tasks: understand their own position in the environment where they operate. 

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Sevensense Stories: Schindler

How Schindler is innovating Elevator installation and inspection with intelligent 3D mapping!

May 2021
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Meet our team member Roland Siegwart!

How does a world with robots look like and what role does Sevensense play in this development? Together with our team member Roland Siegwart we discussed exciting questions about the future of robotics!

Apr 2021
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Why reliable positioning in- & outdoors requires cameras

Self-localization is essential for robots to safely navigate in changing environments and achieve full autonomy. By employing cameras for this task together with smart algorithms for building and maintaining maps, autonomy can be provided at a fraction of the costs - be it for the sensor gear itself, as well as operating costs over the robot’s lifetime.

Dec 2020
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Meet Miguel, our Robotic Systems Lead!

Miguel joined Sevensense in September 2018, being the first employee. With his experience in autonomous racing and the control industry he knows what it takes to make robots work. He initially worked in the planning and control team developing our navigation stack. In 2020 he moved to lead the robotic systems team where he helps our technology shine in our customers robots.

Sep 2020
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Sevensense Stories: Kyburz Switzerland

How Kyburz, the international leader for high quality mobility and transport solutions, is tackling the last-mile problem with Sevensense.

Jul 2020
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Why robotics needs vision, now!

Common mobile robots in industry or logistics use 2D laser rangefinders. These 2D LiDARs output very little information about the surroundings - it is sufficient to detect an obstacle at a certain location, but not enough to understand what it is exactly and how to react in a smart way.

Jun 2020
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The power of a healthy company culture

At Sevensense, we consider company culture to be something very important. That's why we have initiated some efforts to strengthen it in our company.

Mar 2020
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Sevensense Stories: Jelmoli

How the leading premium department store Jelmoli is driving innovation for its customers' shopping experience with Sevensense technology.

Jun 2020
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Sevensense Stories: Wetrok

How Wetrok, a company for modern cleaning technology, emphasized it’s leading role in the cleaning industry with Sevensense technology.

Apr 2020
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Meet Dina, our Robotics Engineer!

Dina joined Sevensense in August 2019 after she completed her PhD in Robotics at the University of Girona in Spain. Now, she is a valued engineer and member of the Planning & Control Team, where she takes care of one of the most challenging tasks at Sevensense: Ensuring that our robots can move and avoid obstacles!

May 2020
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