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A Journey from
your Idea to
your Robot

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Sevensense Autonomy - The Challenge

The Challenge

Knowing precisely where you are, perceiving the environment around you, and driving from A to B or along a given path are not easy tasks for a machine. Developing a robotic product that includes all these components is even harder.

As a provider of autonomy solutions, at Sevensense we are aware of the difficulty of integrating complex robotic systems. That’s why we fast-forward the deployment of robotic products: in a step-by-step process we help our clients to achieve a quick, seamless and reliable deployment of their autonomous platforms.

A Journey from
your Idea to your Robot


Initial Touchpoint

We work together to define the range of applications and to understand your requirements


A pilot project to fine-tune your product

We provide assistance to tightly integrate Sevensense technology and make sure it works at its best for target applications


A proof-of-concept for initial evaluation

We jointly build an MVP to evaluate it, gather early feedback and refine the concept


Full market deployment

We help to roll out the new product to maximize its market impact

Customer Stories


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